In Her Room- Janice Joostema


Ladies and gentleman, meet Janice Joostema, one of the hottest rising stars in the modeling scene we’ve ever had the chance to feast our eyes on. And I do mean feast. This girl has it all; the looks, passion and drive to succeed that separate her from the rest of the pack. She may be local, but in just over a month Janice will be moving to Jakarta, Indonesia on a contract with CoverModels Management. We made sure to get some words and pictures from her before her big adventure. You’re welcome.

Born in Vancouver, Janice moved to Mission, BC at a very young age, spending most of her childhood there. She moved back to Vancouver in the spring of 2013 and has been a force to be reckoned with since she stepped foot in the city. Her portfolio includes everything from lingerie, swimwear and helicopter shoots to the sexy and intimate In Her Room photos you’re checking out right now. Not a bad resume for a girl who’s only eighteen!

Janice describes herself as a ‘total geek,’ saying that her guilty pleasure is playing The Sims every chance she gets. She also has the ability to eat hash browns and eggs at any point in the day, yes…breakfast for dinner; she’s on to something there.  Her personal style is an eclectic collection of what she calls ‘super girly, expensive tastes.’ When we asked what sets her apart from the other beauties in the modeling scene, Janice responded “I think it’s the fact that I’m pretty humble, I love what I do but I don’t try to show off. I’m not interested in being a flaky person.”

The future is very bright for Janice. She’s had an amazing start here in Vancouver, a place she loves for its beauty and amazing locals, but her sights are set on a more international career. In the next couple years Janice wants to be en route to Paris to strut her stuff with the best in the world. Judging by what she’s done so far, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

Words | Lucas Tait

Photography | Alex Barredo

Hair & Makeup | Vanessa Parto