In Her Room | Sonya Ellens


When meeting local actress Sonya Ellens, one can’t help but be stunned by her incredible amount of energy and drive. With her poise, brains, and immense creativity, Sonya is a one-woman power-house of ambition and talent.  Like Vancouver’s very own wonder woman, Sonya works within B.C’s health-care system as a casual nurse at Royal Columbian Hospital, and spends the rest of her time acting and pursuing a career in visual arts. Though juggling three substantial careers would overwhelm the vast majority of people, Sonya loves living her multiple lives. “I consider myself to be a bit of an odd ball. I do things outside the normal 9-5 job. Any chance I get, I take in new experiences. I love having different options,” she says, displaying her infectious energy and lust for life.

After completing her Bachelor Degree in Nursing at Douglas College, Sonya went on to travel throughout Europe, the United States, Canada and Costa Rica and spent two months modelling in Italy. Now represented by Principals Talent, her love for modelling is what led Sonya to pursue her acting career. Appearing on the television show “Package Deal” and NBC’s “I Am Victor”, Sonya was also casted in a Labatt Blue commercial that was aired during the SuperBowl. Impressive – especially considering Sonya is relatively new to acting. A perfectionist, Sonya is polishing her craft further with acting classes, so as to broaden the range of roles that she gets to play. “Film and television are a fascinating world to be a part of. From the lighting guy to the camera personal, to even the Craft food cart, all of it is magical. Same goes for modeling; I love the artistic and creative side to it.”

Sonya’s passion for visual arts began in school but was really ignited after a trip to Miami that she took a year ago. “I went to a lot of art festivals. That’s when I attempted my first painting. I find the arts fascinating in that one is able to dream of something and make it a reality to share with others. I actually had a friend tell me that if I paint sixteen pieces, that they will give me a showing at a gallery.” Sonya’s paintings, which can be currently seen on her Instagram account (SONYAELLENS), are impressive and unusual. Eschewing traditional painting methods and materials, Sonya uses unconventional mediums to create her pop-art pieces. “Painting is not just acrylic paint on a canvas. You can use anything – makeup, nail-polish, clay, spray-paint. Going to different art-shows is great for getting inspiration.” Self-taught, Sonya learned her craft through analyzing current paintings and sculptures and watching Youtube. “Youtube is great. It’s like free online classes”, she says with a laugh.

With a love for both science and art, Sonya hopes to be able to work as a nurse and maintain her creative pursuits for as long as she can. “I love being a nurse and I love being creative. Every day is different and challenging.” When not working, one can find Sonya at different charity events throughout Vancouver. “I always try to attend charity events. I like to be involved.”  With her intelligence, charm, talent and drive, Sonya is a force to be reckoned with and has truly just begun wowing us all. Stay tuned Vancouver.

Words | Alicia Arruda