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1. What is Hush?

Hush can’t be summarized simply in a word or series of phrases. Brash, sexy and unapologetic are some of the many adjectives used to describe us. Frequently compared to other magazines, Hush provides its own unique brand of cutting edge and controversial editorials. Whether you’re offended by or celebrating us, Hush is being talked about, locally and internationally. Join the conversation.

2. Who’s behind Hush?  

Hush Magazine is run by innovative 20-something year old go getters. Always chasing after controversial, raw and local stories we pride ourselves on fearlessly tackling the stories most people are too afraid to write about.

3.I’m a business looking to participate in Hush Magazine’s contests, how do I become involved?

To participate in Hush Magazine’s weekly contests, please get in touch with our Contest Coordinator at See our contests page to get acquainted with Hush style contests.

4. How can my business partner and collaborate with Hush?

There are several ways for business to partner with Hush Magazine:

  • Sponsoring Prizes (merchandise,tickets etc) for our weekly contest giveaways
  • Being profiled in a native article
  • Learn more by checking out our media kit >hyperlink<

5. How do I advertise with Hush Magazine?

To learn more about our advertising rates please see our media kit and contact

6. How can I be a sponsor for Hush Magazine?

On occasion Hush Magazine hosts events that benefit from the help of the community. Want to be part of a HUSH Magazine event? Please contact to develop a partnership for our events.

7. How do I get my event posted on Hush’s event page?

Please send your event blurb (date, time, cost, description) in a word document with an accompanying photograph in .jpg format to

8. How do I become a contributor for Hush Magazine?

Raw.Honest.Local Hush Magazine we’re looking for contributors to write the brightest, sexiest, and most controversial stories this city has to offer. We’re looking for writers in all categories which include music, arts, fashion, culture etc. Download the contributor kit>hyperlink< for more details and submit your best pitches for review.

11. Does Hush do interviews?  

Hush Magazine does not do conventional Q&A interviews. Rather, we prefer to profile fascinating and influential locals, inserting illuminating quotes from them into the article where we see fit. Contact for more details.

12. I don’t like the topic/content of an article. How do I contact the Hush team to voice my opinion?

You’re welcome to of course sound off in the comments or contact us via our contact form or email In your correspondence bear in mind the following:

Reasonable care is taken to ensure that HUSH Magazine articles and other information on the web site are up-to-date and accurate as possible at the publication date, but no responsibility can be taken by HUSH Magazine for any errors or omissions contained herein. Furthermore, responsibility for any losses, damages or distress resulting from adherence to any information made available through this website is not the responsibility of HUSH Magazine. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of HUSH Magazine.

Comments are welcome, but they should be on-topic and well expressed. Abusive, antisocial, or off-topic comments will be removed

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