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  • North America’s First Branded Marijuana Company Starts in Vancouver

    Crop King Seeds | Available Near You

    Crop King Seeds | Available Near You

    Crop King Seeds is the first Canadian incorporated branded marijuana company in North America, meaning they are the first legitimized seed business in Canada. That’s right ‘yall, they sell Marijuana seeds, thousands of marijuana seeds, through retail stores and online sales. HUSH had a chat with Crop King Seed’s team from their retail store in downtown Vancouver to learn about their unique business in North America’s fastest growing (pun intended) industry that is the legal marijuana market.

    Located in the penthouse of Gastown’s Dominion building, Crop King Seeds entered the Marijuana seed business in November of 2012 by simply following what European companies have been doing since the 1980’s. Currently, Crop King Seeds is sold at 50 stores across the country mainly through headshops and hydroponics stores, with progressive plans of being sold next to the vegetable seeds in your local major garden centers as the laws progressively change across Canada.

    “Each day we go to work, we remind ourselves that we are offering a product safer than alcohol, cigarettes and prescription drugs.”
    Kyle, owner of Crop King Seeds

    The sale of Cannabis seeds is a million dollar industry mainly based in Europe that parallels beer, wine and spirits. Just as we have our Cabernets and Chardonnays, we have Indicas, Sativas and Hybrids when referring to Marijuana. The seeds come in a variety of types from regular to feminized and auto-flowering. Most growers are seeking female plants, as this is the gender that produces the sought after buds that produce the most common strains of Sativa’s and Indica’s we all love. Sativa plants generally create an energetic and cerebral high whereas Indica’s create more of a body high that help with pain and sleep deprivation.  In addition to carrying traditional and popular strains such as White Widow and Purple Kush, Crop King Seeds have created their own strains; Candy Cane and Morpheus are produced by Crop King Seeds. The company travels all over the world to acquire their seeds and some are imported.

    Gone are the days of the stereotypical stigma associated with marijuana use as more Canadians are realizing the benefits of marijuana far outweigh the harms that have been grossly exaggerated. Thanks to the internet and the availability of factual information, people of all ages are seeking alternatives to prescription drugs and recreational drinking by growing their own medicine and vaporizing after dinner instead of opening a bottle of wine.

    “I looked hard at getting into micro-breweries or the bar and restaurant business and realized that the harms associated with alcohol far outweigh cannabis,” says Kyle, owner of Crop King Seeds. He went on to say, “being from Vancouver I can tell you right now that the Stanley Cup riot would never have happened if people were passing a bong instead of a flask of Whiskey.”

    So when the hell is marijuana going to be legal?  In Vancouver unlike the rest of Canada, there are currently over forty dispensaries openly selling marijuana from retail locations scattered throughout the city. Whether it’s gay rights or Greenpeace, Vancouver is regarded as the city that leads the world in social progression. This new industry is tolerated by the City of Vancouver which means marijuana is semi-legalized even though 65% of Canadians would like to see marijuana fully legalized.

    Colorado and Washington State used the power of the good ol’ fashion vote to gain marijuana regulation, which we hope will come to Canada under the promise made by Justin Trudeau in the Fall. Who would have thought the USA would have taken the lead in peaceful progressive change? We can thank Harper for putting us back in time 20 years on this subject.

    While we wait, Crop King Seeds is helping educate the general public on the benefits of the cannabis industry instead of the government propaganda they have been exposed to for the last 70 years. They have also just completed production on the ‘World’s first marijuana commercial,’ which had a full casting call in Vancouver and was directed by High Deaf productions which will be released soon.

    Crop King’s efforts throughout Canada don’t stop there, as they are constantly giving back to the Canadian legalization movement by donating to Sensible BC, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), Stop the Violence and Norml.ca.

    ‘The core value of Crop King Seeds is the same as these freedom fighters. We will continue to donate until legalization is achieved.’ – Kyle, Crop King Seeds Owner and Manager


    Join this moment in history and check out Crop King Seeds online, in Vancouver or visit one of the many stores across Canada selling their seeds.    www.CropKingSeeds.com

    Crop King Seeds | World Class Cannabis Seeds found in stores near you!

    Crop King Seeds | World Class Cannabis Seeds found in stores near you!

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