Toronto Weed Shops

Since Canada legalized cannabis, dispensaries have been sprouting up across the country. Whether you’re a newbie in the world of cannabis or a seasoned enthusiast, finding the right place to buy your stash can be quite a puzzle. But don’t fret! We’ve done the legwork for you, compiling a top-notch list of the ten best dispensaries in Toronto.
Plus, we’ve got some handy info for you, like the typical prices for cannabis users in Toronto …

The Top Wine Bars Toronto Has To Offer

Going to the wine bar with a partner or friends is always a fun experience. Toronto has numerous options if you want to try unique tipples and delicious snacks. You will find rare wines, biodynamic drinks, and organic delights in the following places:
David Rocco Bar Aperitivo
The Yorkville area lucked out when David Rocco opened his wine bar on Cumberland Street. We recommend trying their prosecco and lambrusco with their burrata and crostone!
Paradise Grapevine…

Top Floral Shops in Toronto

Flowers are the best way to add some color and vivacity to your home. They also brighten up events and make for excellent giveaways. Toronto has an abundance of florists, but below are the best spots in the city:
If you care about the sustainability movement, you should buy your flowers here. Located on Roncesvalles Avenue, the shop is a great source of socially responsible bouquets and arrangements.
Yang’s Flower Market

Top Boxing Gyms in Toronto

Are you looking for a way to break some sweat and release aggression? Boxing might be the right fit for you. If you’re out on the market for a boxing gym, then these are the best ones in Toronto you can find:
Kingsway Boxing Club
Located close to Royal York station, this is the place to go if you want experienced coaches. They are in the best position to teach you boxing and kickboxing. You might be interested in their wellness sessions and private training as well.

Top Toronto Pastry and Baking Classes

The pastry scene in Toronto is worth getting to know. Aside from sampling delicious treats for a snack or as desert, you might as well learn how to make them yourself. Luckily, many bakeries and cooking schools in town offer excellent and fun classes.
Try out these classes if you want to get better at baking:
Nella Cucina
At the Annex, you can buy kitchen equipment or take classes at the cooking school. Nella Cucina has private sessions and public workshops that teach …