The Centre Cannot Hold: Laborious Memories

This exhibition is a reflection on artistic labour as it relates to activism, community building, and memory. It is in line with the research theme of the Jackman Humanities Institute for 2022-2023: labour. The project received support courtesy of the Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts.
Ranging from archival assemblages to photographs to textiles, the exhibition moves across different geographies, including North American Chinatowns, New Mexico, Japan, and Latin America. 
Despite everything, the …

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2022

Every year, photographers submit a multitude of images in the hopes of winning the WIldlife Photographer of the Year award. This annual international event is hosted by the Natural History Museum in the United Kingdom. 
The panel narrowed down all the submissions and put up the best photos on display at the Royal Ontario Museum.
Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in what nature and technology can do together. This is your chance to change the way you view the world and our animal friends. You might be …

HOUSE OF CARD by Thomas Demand

The title of the exhibition is a reference to the precariousness of the practice of artist and builder Thomas Demand. After all, he explores ephemerality with media appropriate for the theme: cardboard and paper. 
He is best known for his full-scale models capable of recreating familiar, notorious, and newsworthy scenes, typically retrieved from the media. He goes on to record the recreations through film and photography before they are ultimately destroyed.
HOUSE OF CARD is a display of select recreations and more …