The pastry scene in Toronto is worth getting to know. Aside from sampling delicious treats for a snack or as desert, you might as well learn how to make them yourself. Luckily, many bakeries and cooking schools in town offer excellent and fun classes.

Try out these classes if you want to get better at baking:

Nella Cucina

At the Annex, you can buy kitchen equipment or take classes at the cooking school. Nella Cucina has private sessions and public workshops that teach you the basics of baking. There are also specialty classes that focus on niche pastries, such as challah and Italian cookies.

The Rolling Pin

This bakery on Avenue and Lawrence is the place to be if you want to bake show-stopping pieces. Here, you will learn how to craft cupcakes, doughnuts, unicorn cakes, and naked cakes.There are also classes in cookie and cake decoration as well as corporate team-building activities.

Madame Gateaux

Check out Madame Gateaux on Danforth East. It is a shop that specializes in pastry and baking workshops. Their hands-on approach makes it easier to learn how to bake under-the-sea cakes, sugar cookies, unicorn cakes, and drip cakes.

George Brown

A trusted institution, George Brown offers a wide range of pastry and baking classes. Enrol at their specialized certificates in cake decorating and artisan baking. Their classes on afternoon tea, Asian desserts, macarons, and pizzas guarantee that there is something for everyone.

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